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Luxury in all your road adventures

Reach the ultimate luxury and on-road and off-road skill with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep Grand Cherokee's legacy of legendary style and strength gives you the ability to control rocky roads, deep snow, ice, mud and sand with confidence. This highly respected vehicle holds the coveted title of the most award-winning SUV of all time and boasts the best off-road skills in its class while offering luxurious interior features and award-winning engine options that allow you to customize skills so they can adapt to your driving style.

The standard 8-speed automatic transmission allows for quick and smooth gear changes, in addition to constantly using energy to its advantage. The construction of this transmission makes it possible to add reports without increasing the weight. Improved acceleration and torque increase the towing force, while ensuring optimal fuel efficiency.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is comfortable and it stops at nothing, not even the most adverse conditions. Thanks to the authentic Jeep brand skills, you are always ready for anything. Choose one of four powerful 4x4 settings, all designed to handle the toughest road and weather conditions.